A drop from the bucket (list)

It’s been a while now since Bryan and I changed our philosophy about life.  We had this stunning realization sometime in my early thirties that life shouldn’t just happen to you until you die.  You should embrace it, live it, experience it.


But as typically thirties as it sounds, we aren’t getting any younger.  We are not going to live forever.  Our kids are not going to be kids much longer.  Eventually they are going to move on and move away.  They’re going to get to have opinions about our life choices and they’re going to get busy with important events and situations in their own lives (jobs, sports, school, partners, friends, etc).  It’s all very cliche but we decided to Live Life Now.  As a part of that, we’ve taken the kids on several small and large vacations, tried to incorporate more family outings and adventures close to our own home, and have started saying, “Yes!” more often when the kids ask to do crazy things like make smores on a random Wednesday.  We’ve created bucket lists.  We’ve started financial planning and thinking about our income as it relates to our life goals.


It’s all very grown-up sounding, isn’t it?


As an adult, I’ve created a mental bucket list.  I should probably write it down somewhere but I haven’t.  And there are items on my list that I don’t want my (now able to read proficiently) children to see and ask questions about.  (What’s a brazilian, Mom?)  There are a few items on my list that I’ve already crossed off: lasik surgery, said brazilian laser hair removal, etc.  There are quite a few items that remain.  I want to do Disney in Luxurious style.  I want to visit the redwoods in California.  I want to go to Hawaii.  I want to take a Disney cruise to Alaska.  I want to visit Europe.  I want to go to Yellowstone National Park.  I want to enjoy a weekend in New York City.  I want to go back to Vegas.  I want to visit the Caribbean.  I want to see the Cherry Blossoms in DC.  There are tons of things I want to do.  There are other things I want to buy–expensive things.  I want a new refrigerator.  I want a kick-ass dryer to go along with my kick-ass washing machine.  I want to eventually pay cash for a ridiculously expensive car.  I want to upgrade some of my camera gear.  I want to buy a newer TV.  I want to invest in art work.  These are all things on my bucket list.  One item is about to get checked off:


The other day, Bryan and I were discussing our vacation plans within the next year.  We typically have an idea of a few things we want to do and look for deals, sales, or opportunities over time.  When we find a good deal, we jump on it.  I also fairly frequently stalk all of the expensive items I’m interested in purchasing.  It’s not that I’m always looking to buy something but I always keep an eye out for the price of things, etc.  I like to stalk things and wait for the exact right time to buy.  I like to know how much things generally sell for so I recognize a real deal when I see it.  For example, the 4th of July was a good time to buy a refrigerator but the one I wanted is still a little out of our budget and I decided I wanted to wait a little longer.  I know that it’ll be on phenomenal sale closer to Christmas.  We discussed the fridge as it was a good deal but I really want to do a nicer vacation soon so we decided to not move on the fridge.  Anyway, nothing has popped up recently that has caught my eye from my bucket list and as he walked out to help his parents with something, I decided to check out my various sites and see what was up.  When Bryan walked back in twenty minutes later, I was vibrating.  He took one look at me and said, “Do we own a new fridge?”

Me: Shaking my head no.

Him: Are we buying a ridiculously expensive luxury car?

Me: Nope.

Him:  {Sigh.}  Did you book it yet?  [As I’ve mentioned, there are any number of trips that are on the docket for vacation possibilities.  It is a testament to our marriage that he figured it out so quickly AND didn’t even ask where we were going.  And no, I had NOT booked it yet.]

So, I showed him what I had found and he immediately said, “We’ve gotta do it.  Book it.”  I said, “REALLY?”  He said, “Yep.  Remember that Hawaii fare you found for incredibly cheap?  ($269 Round Trip when it’s usually $500-600.)  And how we didn’t do it because it was expensive?  We missed out on a chance and we’re not doing that again.  This is a great deal.  Let’s do it.”

So we did it.
















Disney Cruise to Alaska.

(Yes, you read that right.)


That high pitched squeal you heard?  From around the Georgia area?  That was ME!


We are going on a 7 night cruise from Vancouver to Alaska and back with three ports of call.  We’re flying out to Vancouver a couple of days early so that we can have a little fun there (and hopefully get the kids somewhat used to Pacific Time).

And since we don’t do very many things half-way, we’re living it up.  Outside room on the ship with a balcony, excursions in every port (helicopter tours, glacier walks, whale-watching trips, renting a private boat for a fishing expedition), a limo from the airport in Vancouver to our hotel, staying at the nicest hotel in Vancouver (thank you, credit card points), LIVING IT UP.  I am so freaking excited I have been a ball of energy and glee.  This is our first HUGE trip as a family.  Our kids are going to be so stoked.  Drew’s going to freakin’ catch salmon in ALASKA!  Malyn is going to ride around in a Bentley (compliments of the hotel shuttle), Bryan is going to helicopter out to a glacier, I am going to go on a Disney cruise!

I can hardly stand to be around me right now.


We have decided to NOT tell the kids until MUCH closer to time.  I do not want to hear every day, “When are we going?  Is it time to go to Disney?  Is it CRUISE DAY?”  So if you know me in real life, PLEASE do not mention this in front of them.

I’m feeling pretty darn proud of us for actually checking things off of our bucket lists.  On Drew’s bucket list is ‘Fly on an airplane’ and ‘Go fishing in the ocean’.  I think we’ve got those covered, Drew.  We’ve got those covered in a BIG WAY.

So here’s to bucket lists and experiences and Life Lived Now.  I hope that this inspires you to dust off your bucket list–you never know, something might be half off and too good a deal to pass up.




5 thoughts on “A drop from the bucket (list)”

  1. I am SO excited for you!!
    What sites do you watch for travel deals? The Hawaii-Texas ticket
    I bought for Alex this summer was $1200- EEK- so if you ever see Hawaii to ANYWHERE for under $500 let me know :)

  2. I watch Airfarewatchdog.com religiously. I also check out clarkhoward’s site but that’s only good for Atlanta travel. I keep an eye on Southwest, travelocity, and kayak. I also use http://www.betterbidding.com to check what the hotwire-type sites are selling as their mystery deals. This sounds like I check constantly. I don’t. I just meander around when I have time.

  3. Trying really, really, REALLY hard not to hate you right now! Most of me is just happy for you, but there’s this little (okay, not all that little) part of me that is insanely jealous. Do me a favor, though. If you ever decide to go to Scotland and can’t afford to take me, don’t tell me until you get back. Even then, maybe lie to me – like say you went to “Scotland Amusement Park” and not the real Scotland. Your cousin Andrew is just lucky that I have no desire to go to Cannes or Paris where he’s been TWICE THE LITTLE BASTARD. Okay, that’s my reaction to someplace I don’t want to go. You see why you do not want to tell me.) I know that keeping it secret will be hard, but… well, I might remind you that I’m crazy. Officially crazy. Think about it.

    Anyway, now that you’re a little scared of me, HAVE A GREAT TRIP!

    Love you lots!

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